What is University English Good For?

In the province of Ontario, no matter what university degree you decide to pursue, you learn-englishmust take at least one university-level English course. Is it a good idea to make every university student take at least one university course?

I think that ensuring every university student in Ontario (and across Canada) gets to experience at least one university-level English course is an excellent idea! Here’s why.

Studying English in university will help you in the future, no matter what profession you choose.

First, it helps develop better oral communication skills. In many English classes, time is spent working in small groups and discussing ideas with the entire class. This can teach you how to effectively communicate your thoughts to others. Almost every job requires at least some verbal communication with clients, co-workers, and even your boss. Being understood will sure help you excel in your career.

Second, English classes can develop your writing skills. There are often many written assignments and essays, and professors are usually eager to provide feedback on ways that your writing can be improved. You’d be hard pressed to find a job that doesn’t involve at least some sort of writing. Taking an English course in university enhances your ability to write clearly, a skill that will likely benefit you in your future job.

Third, university English courses teach their students how to critically think and tap into their creative side. These abilities will help employees shine in their future jobs. Who doesn’t want an employee that can think outside the box, see the big picture, and make innovative connections between things? The skills you learn in a university English class will help make you this kind of valuable employee.

It’s clear that you should have to take a university English class no matter what degree you decide to go after because it’ll help you in your future career. However, it’s important to remember that English may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people struggle with learning disabilities nd others have maybe avoided English because it’s not their strongest subject. Tutoring and other services need to be in place to help the students succeed who may not be necessarily gifted at English.

So remember the next time you’re complaining about having to write a five-page paper, it’ll pay off in the end.moneyy


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